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The Affiliate Academy

Ready to grow your affiliate revenue on your Instagram, TikTok and blog? This course is for you if you're a veteran or novice blogger.

What's in the course...

  • We'll cover affiliate best practices
  • How to maximize your affiliate earnings on Instagram, TikTok, LTK app and your blog
  • Step by step video tutorials on how to use the following platforms: LTK/rewardStyle, ShopStyle Collective (now known as Collective Voice), Amazon and HOWL
  • Amazon strategy for Influencers and our best Prime Day tips
  • Blog SEO tips and strategy to grow your pageviews and affiliate revenue

This course is for you if you're struggling to figure out the affiliate platforms and trying to increase your conversions and affiliate revenue. We are sharing our best tips and strategies to earn more money this year than you ever have before!

What Influencers Are Saying

The course was SO HELPFUL!! I've been an LTK/rewardStyle stan since the beginning, but after watching the modules on Collective Voice and HOWL, I learned so much! Like, Collective Voice, wow! So many cool features. It's always seemed overwhelming to use both LTK and ShopStyle, but after watching, I decided to dive in.

Ashlee Hightower